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Blog facility

The site now has a blog facility for each site member.

Blogs can be accessed for reading via the "Blogs" link in the menu above. You do not have to be logged in to view blogs.

Members can write their blogs by clicking the "My Blog" navigation link on the left, or by choosing the "Blog entry" option under the "Create new content" navigation link. You must be logged in to update your blog. In addition, you can view your blog through your user settings area, "My account".

Please note that blog entries are not usually published on the main site. You should continue to use the Story option under "Create new content" for that.

Another feature of this system is that news items which catch your attention can be easily incorporated into a blog entry. For example, if the "Verse of the Day" prompts a thought you'd like to share, just click on the Blog link icon next to the item. This will open the blog entry screen with the link to the item already there. You then add your own comment. Again, this special icon (which appears next to every eligible link) is only visible to logged-in members.

Comments have been enabled on the blogs so that visitors and other members can respond to your entries. The comments are protected against spam, but if anyone finds offensive comments have been left please notify Admin. Comments are monitored, but notifying Admin directly will enable immediate action to be taken.

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