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Ashers Bakery Trial

In common with a very great many people who know about this case I am saddened by the verdict which has gone against these christian bakery owners. They were happy to sere Mr. Lee (Not our Brother Lee Love!), but the slogan "Support Gay Marriage" was at odds with their christian beliefs regarding marriage. Feel free to dial into the Christian Institute web site and read more about it, the feed is in the left-hand column on this site.

My own comment is that I strongly suspect that this whole issue was deliberately set in motion by Mr. Lee who requested such a strange cake. I wonder if he actually got the cake elsewhere, for example. Insofar as this might have been a plan to snare the christian owners of this bakery, then the immediate involvement of the Equlaity Commission for Nothern Ireland seems of significance, as does its committment of £40,000 in order to fight the case. One national newspaper has described it as a "spiteful prosecution".

Nevertheless, it pulls into sharp focus how sensitive these issues are, and that we, as christians, need to be fully aware of the snares out there. I hope and pray that when the time comes I will be strong, fair and caring for the needs of others when the time comes for me to stand up for what I believe.

blog | by Dr. Radut