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Why I like Satellite Christian Radio - by Juliet Lee

Juliet Lee

It brings Jesus through the airwaves into my home. It encourages, delights, inspires, informs, challenges, comforts, picks me up and keeps me on track. Christian Radio has - sound Bible teaching - heart warming true stories - intelligent debates - sparkling wit - interactive phone-ins - mellow smooth worship music - traditional hymns we all love - news of God's work amongst the nations - and 'family issues' forums.

Christian Radio gives me - daily practical teaching coupled with wise counsel that's God honouring and uplifting - national and international reporting on Christian events - interviews with prominent people - news programmes and even traffic updates. It also has - music to dance to - music to relax to - music when you can't sleep - Sunday worship when you can't get to church - and so much more!

But sadly, Satellite remains a 'no go' area to many Christians. They mistakenly believe it will be expensive or require a contract with Sky. Also, many continue to be unaware of the control that can be had over the programming. The result is that they miss out on all this enriching and empowering Christian broadcasting.

Satellite can be received into your home for a one-off cost (without involving Sky if you wish). The various ways to get a system are clearly explained in the exceptionally helpful new website, You don't even need a TV for Christian Satellite Radio. In the website you'll discover how a satellite receiver works brilliantly just with a stereo system and sounds as clear as a CD!

Don't miss out any longer. Bring God through the airwaves into your home. You'll soon wonder how you ever managed without this God given resource.


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