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Free Stuff

We have various things that we would like to give to you free, if you are from the Blyth area. We have videos, cassettes, booklets, leaflets and New Testaments. If you would like to know all that is available, contact us and ask for the Free Stuff Leaflet.

We want to offer you these things free for the following reasons ...

  1. We want you to consider the claims of Christianity and the Bible, and we have gathered together, from various sources, materials that we think are best suited to informing you on many different issues. People often think that Christianity is outdated and has no answers to life's questions. We want you to see that Christianity is relevant and answers the questions to the meaning of life, the universe and everything.
  2. So often it seems that churches or Christians want something out of you, especially money. For instance, "televangelists" and the like have distorted Christianity in many ways, especially in asking for money, and we actively stand against their practices. We want to redress the balance and give to you, rather than take from you.
  3. We want to give you a gift to reflect the fact that God has given all of us a gift of immense value - Jesus Christ himself - see John 3:16-36 in the New Testament of the Bible.
The Evidence Video

A helpful video, answering 20 common objections/questions about Christianity, including: Why is there suffering? I used to be a Christian, but now I think it's a load of rubbish. Where did Cain get his wife? Why do we have to die? Is Jesus God?
Countdown to Eternity

Ancient prophecies found in the Bible are coming true in the world today, and more prophecies are yet to be fulfilled. See the evidence. If the Bible tells us about life in the future, what is it saying to us today? Better than Nostradamus or your local fortune-teller!
So, who is this Jesus?

An approved-for-schools, award-winning documentary on the life and times of Jesus, presented by Russell Boulter (formerly DS Boulton on The Bill, now appearing in Holby City). This is a clear, concise and very watchable resentation.
A Question of Origins

Examine some of the "evidence" for evolution, and consider whether your beliefs are based on reason and proof, or rhetoric and presupposition. Have you been taught theory or fact? An interesting introduction to this very controversial subject.
The Jesus Film

Originally released by Warner Bros., this is now the most watched film in history. The life of Jesus based on the gospel of Luke in the New Testament of the Bible.

There will soon be more free videos to choose from.

How to get your free stuff

Simply contact us by email or use our contact form and tell us what items you would like, including your name & address. We would ask that people's choices would be limited to

  • two videos at any one time
  • five items in total at any one time
  • one copy of each item per household, unless there is a good reason given

To save on postage and delivery time, we will most likely deliver your items by hand in the Blyth area, rather than posting them, unless specifically requested otherwise. We reserve the right to stop supplying any particular household if we feel the free offer is being abused. These resources cover many different topics, but if they do not answer the questions that you are asking, please feel free to contact us anyway, and we will try and answer your questions.

If you would like to talk to someone, or you need prayer, then please contact us. We are a small church, but we will help you if we can. Your details will not be passed on to anyone else, and we will comply with the principles of the Data Protection Act. Anything that is shared with us of a personal nature will be dealt with in strict confidence, unless it concerns a serious matter where the authorities ought to be informed or involved.

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