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It's Not Too Late

There was a man
who was stubborn in his heart,
he would not listen,
nor play his part.

So God allowed him
to walk the path,
that leads to
His eternal wrath.

It,s not My will
for this to be,
so please repent
and return to me.

Before you perish
and it's too late,
for you to enter
the narrow gate.

That leads to Christ
the Shepherd of your soul,
so He can restore you
and make you whole.

For time is short
and His coming is near,
if you,ll trust in Him
you'll have nothing to fear.

For He alone
has the power to save,
so turn from sin
and be ye brave.

To fight the good fight
and resist all evil,
"through the power of My Spirit
you can beat the devil".

For he already is
a defeated foe,
You're Saviour conquered him
when His blood did flow.

Upon that cross
to pay the price,
then three days later
He rose to life.

So trust in Him
and allow His grace
to help you run
and finish the race.

Just confess your sins
and decide in your heart,
that from this day
you will not depart

From His great love
which knows no end,
He surely is
your greatest friend.

story | by Dr. Radut