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Most of us have plenty
in this land where we dwell,
many things to hold,
to see, taste and smell.

But in many other lands
which we are not far from, here,
the people there do hunger
and mostly live in fear.

Because life over there is cheap
and food and water scarce,
struggling is the daily norm
It's an awful sad place.

No medicine to heal them
or clothes for them to keep warm,
some without homes for them to dwell in
to shelter from the storm.

Many children there are orphans
whose parents have been killed,
by famine, AIDS and violence
and governments who will

Oppress them and withold
the care that they do need,
to most of them it's all about money,
selfishness, power and greed.

So may God in His kindness
always help us to share,
the things that we do have
to show that we care.

For we came into this world with nothing
and take nothing when we leave,
so my heart is thankful to the Lord
for giving me the grace to believe.

In Jesus Christ, His cherished Son
who suffered on that cross for me,
it cost Him dearly His precious blood
to set us all free.

From a life so full of sin
and an eternity in Hell,
so may He give me the boldness
to go forth and to tell.

The good news of the gospel
that others may be saved,
who could then look forward to Heaven
instead of to the grave.

For He said through His Word
that it is not His will,
for His people to perish
but that they repent and be filled.

By His Holy Spirit
who Jesus did send,
to comfort and teach us
and be with us till the end.

For surely Jesus will come
on a day not far from now,
so accept Him as your Saviour
for every knee shall bow.

To confess that He is Lord
and give an account for the things they've said and done
for the Father made Him the judge of the earth
His Only Begotten Son.

story | by Dr. Radut