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ECG Making a Difference Day 13th October 2007

Encouraging Christian Growth brings this event to Northumberland Christians. The event starts at 12 midday on Saturday 13th October with a picnic lunch (bring your own). Teaching and worship starts at 1pm and continues throughout the day,with a break for tea and finishing at 7.30pm. The speaker for this one-day event is Jez Fletcher and the venue is Dr Thomlinson School, Rothbury. This will be the sixth event of its kind and is a truly exciting and encouraging opportunity. Further information is available on the ECG website.



A thoroughly enjoyable day with great worship, excellent teaching and practical seminars on Making a Difference in our communities, churches and work situations. Have to say the food was also up to its usual excellent standard. Next planned weekend 2nd - 4th May 2008 at King Edward V1 school, Morpeth. Speaker: Derek Page. More info to follow or check out the ECG website.

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