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Why am I so sinful
Why am I so proud
Why instead of sunshine
Is my peace blocked by a cloud?

A cloud so black and heavy
It's a burden to my soul.
Instead of a heart that's full of joy
There remains an enormous hole.

A hole that only Christ can fill
Not the pleasures of this world,
He redeemed me with His precious blood
Not with silver or pure gold.

If only I would turn away
From the things I know to be wrong,
And enter int His presence
Praising Him with song.

A song full of thanksgiving
For the price He paid for me,
That removed my chains and saved my soul
From a life of slavery.

A life that is so selfish
and deserving only of death,
Thank God He suffered on that cross
And cried "It is finished" before His last breath.


He came to earth to show His love
So to us He may impart,
A life that's full of spiritual fruit
Not a hole within my heart.


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story | by Dr. Radut