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Team Hoyt

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If you've never heard of Team Hoyt then it's my privilege to inform you. Team Hoyt is a father-and-son team composed of Dick Hoyt, a retired Lieutenant-Colonel in the US Air National Guard, and his son Rick. They compete in endurance events like marathons and triathlons. What makes them special is that Rick suffers from cerebral palsy and is paralysed. Dick is the motive power for both of them - when running, Dick pushes Rick in a wheelchair, when swimming Dick pulls Rick in an inflatable dinghy, and when cycling Dick pedals whilst Rick rides in a special seat over the front wheel.

At birth in 1962, doctors advised that Rick would be in a permanent vegetative state and that there was no hope for him. Dick and his wife Judy refused that advice, took him home and raised him as normally as they could. At age 10 Rick received a specially-adapted computer and for the first time was able to communicate. He went to school in 1975 and on to earn a degree. He now works for Boston College. Dick said, “Those doctors who asked us to give up hope are not alive any more, but I would like them to be able to see Rick now”.

As of August 2008 Team Hoyt has entered almost 1,000 events, including 229 triathlons and 66 marathons. Yes, you read those figures correctly.

You'll find more about them on the Web. Here's what one writer said: "Team Hoyt is more than a sport team in marathon and triathlon. It is also a story of a father’s unselfish love for his son. The story teaches me what really matters. Family, love, determination and sacrifice."

The only comment I'd like to make is that the great love this father has for his son is eclipsed by the greater love that God the Father has for you. You are greatly loved. Enjoy the video.


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