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A Christian Perspective

Human Nature

When we look at what is going on in our country and across the world due to COVID-19, it is interesting to reflect on what this tells us about human nature.

We see acts of kindness and compassion – from front-line staff in hospitals working so hard, to neighbours supporting one another; we see community spirit alive and well – especially the use of technology to continue to meet and socialise virtually; we see the government and employers being as helpful as possible in the circumstances – supporting home-working and changes to circumstances; we also see the British ability to queue at supermarkets is still intact!

The time has come for the Gentiles to repay their debt to the Jews

A meeting held in Finchley chaired by Colonel Orde Dobbie (named after his cousin Major-General Orde Wingate and son of General Sir William Dobbie). It features Baptist pastor David Pawson with a response by Rabbi Leslie Hardman. Rabbi Hardman was the Jewish chaplain in the British Army who worked with the prisoners who were liberated at Belsen concentration camp toward the end of World War II (see here and here).
1:24:55 minutes (104.19 MB)

Inconsistent? Illogical?

Classic FM presenter John Suchet Tweeted the folowing on 22nd May 2018:

Beautiful Braunau am Inn on Austro-German border and birth house of local man they’d rather forget. No name just a block of granite from Mauthausen concentration camp for millions of dead to remind us: never again Fascism

The reference is, of course, to Adolph Hitler who caused the deaths of millions in the Second World War.

After the Irish referendum paving the way for abortion on demand in Ireland he said:

Good day to be married to an Irish Yes supporter. Bravo Ireland!

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