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What's on at BCC.

The What's on and When pages have been updated to include a number of social events so we can spend time together and hopefully enjoy fun, fellowship and friendship. Do check them out and feel free to come and join us. If you would like more info first, please use the contact form.

ECG - again.

What a joy to once again have a whole weekend to enjoy fellowship with other Northumbrian Christians and be entertained, amused and seriously challenged by the LORD through the ministry of Derek Page and those who led the seminars. As ever the food was excellent, the fellowship top notch and the teaching A1. Not to mention the huge talent of Derek, Phil and Mike Savage. Next ECG October 11th (unless of course Jesus comes back first), with Roy Searle as the guest speaker. I can't wait! Please have a look at the gallery where there are a few pics- and probably more on the ECG website.

Questions at the Border!

As we come out of the gloom of winter and look forward to the warmth of summer, we approach that time of the year when we look to holidays in perhaps even warmer places. Having said that, when one of my colleagues told me where he was going, I must admit that mentally, I had switched off! You see I have absolutely no interest in Spain or Italy or France or the Balearic Islands, to sit around in the sun all day may be nice to contemplate, but I would be bored out of my mind inside of an hour. This colleague had been describing to me how he had needed a special visa and a permit to climb in the mountains, and I was only half listening, thinking, He’s only going to the Pyrenees or the Alps. He was still waxing lyrically when I had to stop and for a second take – you need all this for the Pyrenees or the Alps I said – No he said – Peru, I’m going to climb in the Andes in Peru. Apparently, it had taken him over a year to get all of the necessary paperwork in place and even then, he might have trouble at the various points of entry into Peru and between the various regions, because of the guerrilla armies, etc. He will be away for just three weeks, but I wonder if I’ll see him again this side of eternity.

Ape men, missing links and the Bible

Creation Matters North–East are holding a public meeting at:

Whitley Bay Christian Fellowship
109 Whitley Road
Whitley Bay
North Tyneside
NE26 2ET

Enquiries: 0191 251 6061

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