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It makes you think

According to this Government Web-page it's an offence to "intentionally take or destroy a wild bird’s egg". If you do, you could be sent to prison for up to 6 months and be fined £5,000 for each offence.

Now an egg is just that - an egg. You've broken a hen's egg open and seen what's inside. By no stretch of the imagination is it a fully-formed bird. But do that to a wild bird's egg - rare bird or not - and there are dire consequences. Why?

Hymns and Songs booklet

You can find the latest edition of our Hymns and Songs booklet here in downloadable PDF format.

Christ in the Harvest

On Saturday, 11th October, Barry Barnett from Jews for Jesus will be speaking on the subject of "Christ in the Harvest". This follows on from the presentation of "Christ in the Passover" held earlier in the year.

Barry will begin at 19:00 and the event is expected to end around 20:30. To accommodate the larger numbers expected, and because our own premises are still being refurbished, please note that the venue is St Mary’s Church Hall, Blyth Market Place. Use the postcode NE24 1BG in your satnav.

A meal will be provided, so to give us an idea of numbers please let us know you're coming and how many you're bringing. You can 'phone, e-mail or text us - please go to our contact page.

Christian Aid Quiz

It's that time of year again for the annual Blyth Christian Aid Quiz, to be held at the Parish Church of St Bede in Newsham.

It's a team event, and there's an entry fee of £4.00 per person. If you haven't got a team just turn up anyway and invite yourself onto one of the existing teams.

You can buy refreshments (it's a fund-raiser, remember!) at the half-time break, as well as chat with other quizzers.

Kick-off is 19:30 on Friday 30th May at St Bede's Parish Centre, Newcastle Road, Newsham in Blyth. Satnav co-ordinates are N 55°.109 W 1°.5303.

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