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Blyth Rainbow

Image of The Spirit of the Staithes

Blyth used to be a large coal-exporting port. Ships would berth at the quayside and trains laden with the coal would travel along an elevated track supported by timber frames - the staithes.

This contemporary aluminium sculpture, "The Spirit of the Staithes", represents those staithes, showing a train at the exact height at which the originals would travel. They would stop next to a ship and discharge the coal directly into the open holds below.

Rock - the story of Simon Peter

This musical by Roger Jones of Christian Music Ministries, is being presented at the Phoenix Theatre, Blyth on Thursday 13th November 2008 at 7.30pm. The choir is made up of singers from the local churches, including BCC. Tickets are £8 and there are no concessions.


ECG is upon us again and if the others have been anything to go by it should be an excellent day. 1 pm - 7.30 pm Saturday 11th October at King Edward V1 School, Morpeth. All welcome.

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Do you want a Pilot?

Pilot boat

One of the blessings of living in Blyth is to watch the shipping movements in and out of the port. Here's a picture of the pilot boat Cambois on her way out to meet an incoming vessel. You can see the full-size picture in our Blyth image gallery - look for the word "Pilot" on the side of the wheelhouse.

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